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Radon Mitigation systems

   The RP, XP and GP Series radon fans are powered by water-hardened motorized impellers for water resistance rated for outdoor use. Design for a 3” or 4” inch pipe radon system. Our radon fans come with a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty from Radon Away.
Radon Fan Replacement Series
Note: Choice of fan model is dependent on building characteristics and should be made by a radon professional.
Fan XP Series
Fan XP 151
Fan XP 201
Fan XP 261
Fan RP Series
Fan RP 151
Fan RP 145
Fan RP Series
Fan RP 260
Fan RP 265
Fan GP Series
Fan GP 201
Fan GP 301
Fan GP 401
Fan GP 501

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What is a passive radon system?

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