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Radon Fan Installation on Existing Home Passive System

Existing Home Passive System

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Existing Home Passive System

Radon fan installation, sealing of sump pump basin cover, sealing large cracks and slab to wall joints, if necessary.
House must have:
• Radon passive system correctly installed by the builder.
• Proper pit size under basement slab if pipe was installed through the slab
• Easy access to the attic and the PVC vent pipe.
• Minimum 3 feet of vertical PVC vent pipe in the attic to install the radon fan.
• Sump pump cover, fittings and parts.
• Basement slab less than 1,800 square feet.
Starting at $ Call . this service includes:
Note: If the property does not meet the above criteria you must call for pricing. Radon levels over 12 pCi/L my require a high volume CFM radon fan adding up to the cost of the installation.
What is a passive radon system?

What is a passive radon system?

     When the house is being built, the builder installs a 3-inch PVC pipe from under the basement slab all the way up to the attic of the house though the flashing on the roof. This allows the slab under the house to vent out some of the radon gas. Some builders do not follow EPA guidelines for new construction and do not install the radon system pipe properly. They will exit the PVC pipe from the basement area through the side wall to the out side of the house and stop flush with the outside edge of the siding, or run the PVC pipe all the way up the attic and leave no space to mount the radon fan on it. This is very common in some areas in Virginia like Ashburn, Herndon, Sterling, Manassas, Chantilly, Woodbridge, and Haymarket. This type of radon system reduces radon levels, but not as effectively as a system activated by a radon fan, as well as proper sealing around the sump pump, cracks and slab to wall joints, if necessary.
     “We guarantee our radon systems to reduce radon levels to below the EPA recommended level 4 pCi/L for a period up to 10 years from the date of original installation. Parts carry a five-year manufacturer’s warranty and our fans carry a five-year manufacturer’s warranty as well.”

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