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Radon System Installed Nov. 12, 2010  

This active sub-slab depressurization (ASD) system is by  far the most common type of radon gas reduction system  installed today. A hole is cut in the basement slab, a cavity  is excavated beneath it, and a 3- or 4-inch diameter PVC  pipe is run up from the slab, out the basement wall and  connects with an exterior-mounted exhaust fan. From the  fan, an exhaust vent pipe runs up the exterior of the house  all the way above the roofline, 10 feet away or 2 feet  above any windows.

 We drill a 3-inch role from the outside of the house in to the basement area to run the radon vent pipe.
 We drill a 3-inch hole in the basement floor and remove some gravel from underneath it.
We seal around were the radon vent pipe exits the house
Installing the radon fan
 Installing fittings to run the radon vent pipe and sealing around were the radon vent pipe exits the slab
Installing the radon vent pipe in the basement.
Installing the radon Routing the vent pipe inside the basement area vent pipe in the basement.
Final look at the installation (basement).
Final look at the radon system installation (outside).

How we install a Radon System!

How we install a Radon System!

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